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Field reports

About 150 young and brave women and girls, but also men and boys call the Lower Saxony telephone hotline against forced marriage every year asking for the best possible support

The best advice is given by you because you already went through it. After a long and difficult way some of you say today:

“The first step is to talk about what is happening and the second step is to ask for help. Because you can’t get out of it all by yourself.” Natalia, 17

“I didn’t know about the possibility to ask for help. I didn’t know that there were so many counseling centres where I could get help.” Selma, 19

“Although I tried to commit suicide twice my father kept on hitting me. I didn’t want to marry the guy my father chose for me. And now I can finally breathe freely and follow my own objectives.” Anastasia, 18

“I can only advise to every woman who can’t show her true character at home because she fears beatings or psychical terror or who is threatened to be forced to marry someone she doesn’t love, only because her parents want her to: don’t destroy your life due to a man, a culture or a religion! You only have one life!” Serpil, 20

“I have a German girlfriend. Nevertheless my parents married me with a girl from their country against my will. Fortunately I received help and so was able to get away. I started a new life with my girlfriend in Berlin”. Mehmet, 25


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