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Project “access to job market for refugees 3”



The project constitutes the third part of the AZF-program and is running until 31.12.2019. It supports asylum seekers and refugees in seeking apprenticeship training positions and employments, depicts new occupational perspectives and improves their chances of employment.

Staff members of this project are for instance providing advice concerning questions about access to work places, permission of employment or the application process itself. Participants are furthermore mediated in a variety of procedures like occupational language teaching or advanced training programs.

Kargah e.V. is thereby providing advice for those refugees from Hannover and the surrounding areas who possess a temporary residence permit, a residence title for specific purposes, a certificate of report as an asylum seeker or a short term permit.

The project is running as a cooperation of Kargah e.V., the refugee council of lower-Saxony, education association work and life (lower-Saxony middle and east) and the Chamber of Crafts Hannover.

Open consultation hours:

Tuesday: 14:00 bis 16:00 Uhr
Thursday: 10:00 bis 12:00 Uhr
And after appointment arrangements.

Petra Maria Brandes & Revi Kahveci-Salman
Telefon: 0511 1236788
Stärkestraße 19a
30451 Hannover





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