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Advice services for victims of domestic violence in 'Flüchtlingsheimen'

What is domestic violence?
Domestic violence is one of the main types of violence against women globally. It denotes violence within the family unit. The partners might be married; they might be heterosexual or homosexual; they might live together or separatly.

What kinds of domestic violence exist?

  • Physical violence (both threats and the actual act)
  • Forced marriage
  • Insult, humiliation, intimidation
  • Sexual violence
  • Persuing and ambushing (stalking)
  • Keeping and controling the money
  • Threatening to hurt the children

Many of these forms of violence are illegal and the subject of criminal prosecution. They can be one off events or habitual.

How can I get help?
There are many options and rights for victims of domestic violence. Special women's advice centres know about the different forms of protection offered by police and the legal system that are available to the victims.

Advice centre SUANA/kargah e.V
In Hannover women can visit SUANA/kargah e.V., the advice centre for migrants who are victims of domestic violence, stalking and forced marriage. SUANA offers financial and judicial advice for migrants in different languages, either over the phone or in person. The advice service is free of charge, confidential and on request anonymous.

The leaflet is available in Arabic, English, French, Kurmanji, Russian, Serbian und Turkish

SUANA can provide advice in different languages.

Contact: 0511 – 12 60 78-14/-18 * E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. * Zur Bettfedernfabrik 3, 30451 Hannover.

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