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Materials about forced marriage

Materials from Krisentelefon / kargah e.V.


Slides for the crisis line against forced marriage

Files and facts about forced marriage in Lower Saxony

 Slides as PDF


Information luggage - for the preventive work - AGAINST forced marriage


The Lower Saxony crisis line AGAINST forced marriage has put together a information luggage for the preventive work AGAINST forced marriage. The info material in this luggage is not primarily intended to report and clarify forced marriage, but it is more about the strengthening of self-conciseness of young people - especially girls and young women. The motto is: from the practice for the practice. All ideas and suggestions are based on long years of practical experience.

the following content can be found in this luggage (PDF file)

For the luggage, a fee of 50 € + postage is charged. In case there is an interest on your side to order this luggage, please contact:
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Film production „Ich wehre mich gegen Zwangsehe"- ein nicht alltägliches Beispiel“ ("I defend myself against forced marriage" - a not everyday example")


In this 20-minute SUANA produced film, the 19 year old migrant "Yasmin" reports how she could defend herself against forced marriage with the support of the counselling office SUANA. The film is based on a true story.

SUANA received a fax from the foreigner's authority, in which Yasmin wrote that she was taken to Turkey by her parents, and was to be married to a man there against her own will. SUANA made contact with the counselling office Lila Dach (Mor Cati) in Turkey and organised the escape of Yasmin from Turkey to Germany.

An important aspect of the film was to show the cooperation of the various institutions. In the film, the successful networking between the counselling office SUANA, the foreigner's office, the women's shelter and the counseeling office Lila Dach was presented.

This movie was filmed in cooperation with the "Department for Women and Equality" and the "Department for intercultural affairs" and can be lent to institutions and groups for public relations.

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