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About us

kargah (workshop) is an independent, non-profit organization for intercultural communication, refugee and migration work. It was founded in 1980 and is an officially registered organization at the Hanover court since 1986.  In its establishment, Kargah was a self-help association by Exiles for mutual assistance and support with everyday problems. Since 1991 Kargah is bearer of a counselling service for migrants and refugees within the framework of the federal program "Decentralized Social Refugee“. Since 1996 it is part of the Community Initiative Employment-INTEGRA and undertakes various measures to advance professional and linguistic skills of refugees, immigrants and re-settlers. The self-organized work of the organization found new dimensions through the inclusion of the projects and, within the area of intercultural work and development, was able to realize a basis for practical education- and qualification programs.  The association has since become a place from which cooperation in diverse forms and model projects for new trends of migration and refugee policy in the city of Hanover, Lower Saxony, come from. Therefore, the organization is part of an intercultural network on a European level.

Offers of the association are directed at everybody. Kargah is a place of encounters and exchanges of everyday, social, cultural and political issues in which both, refugees and migrants themselves, as well as other residents of the city and country from various cultures engage.

A colourful mix of individual counselling work, meetings, art, culture and exhibitions as well as trainings, education, political and social services and leisure activities are offered by the organization. The contribution of the association working for integration and equality in the Hanover region is as follows:

  • setting up meetings with various communicative characters in North Linden, Hanover
  • documentation centre and library with over 17,000 volumes, books and magazines in Persian, German, English, and Kurdish language
  • conducting over 9000 hours of education and work skills, language courses and seminars for political education during the year
  • refugee consulting firm with over 1,600 hours per year of counselling
  • implementation of exhibitions, cultural events and meetings
  • consulting for women (Suana)
  • establishment of women's encounter meetings
  • Persian - German-language television station in Hanover

The association pursues a new path - intercultural learning through an intercultural team; resulting from new perspectives for our work, which is designated to follow:

  • allowing the equality by helping people help themselves v promoting intercultural emancipative communication and functioning
  • promoting intercultural communication and emancipative ways of working
  • development of intellectual and anti-racist competences
  • creating conditions for social and cultural participation for migrants in daily life
  • development of personal skills through better education and training opportunities for refugees and migrants as well as professional qualification advancement beyond business operation requirements
  • improving access opportunities in employment and training institutions
  • strengthening of inter-cultural meeting and exchange opportunities
  • promoting the sense of belonging to the District inhabitants

    Our diverse projects have the objective of using new thinking and practice, the integration work in the city and region positively shape. kargah is co-founder of the Association of migrants and refugees in Lower Saxony and cooperates with the following associations, institutions and organizations:

  • DSO (Association Lower Saxony education initiatives eV)
  • FAUST (factory Reutilization and District Cultural Association)
  • Radio FLORA e.V.
  • Open Channel Hanover e.V.
  • Refugee Assistance Fund e.V.
  • Working Women's Alliance
  • LAGs (National Association of socio-cultural centers in Lower Saxony)
  • Hanover learning region - FLUXUS
  • Aliens of Lower Saxony
  • Department of Intercultural Affairs
  • Cultural, social welfare (assistance to find work) of the city of Hanover
  • ARGE job center of the city and region Hanover


pfilekargah e.V.
Verein für Interkulturelle Kommunikation
Migrations- und Flüchtlingsarbeit
Zur Bettfedernfabrik 1
30451 Hannover



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