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Sonita - Movie

6.12. Sonita Rokhsareh Ghaem MaghamiWed, 12/6, 6:30 pm, Kino am Raschplatz
Film (Persian with german subtitles) with Introduction to the topic of Forced Marriage by Irmak Kamali (SUANA/ kargah e.V.)

18 year old Sonita is from Afghanistan and lives in Teheran without her family. Her deepest longing: to be a famous rapper.

A social organisation supports her in her planning for the future but her family has entirely different plans: they want to sell her to an unknown husband. With the help of a music clip on youtube she succeeds making a powerful call against the forced marriage and reaches a world wide attention that will change her life completely.

Location: Kino am Raschplatz, Raschplatz 5, 30161 Hannover
Entrance fee: 8 / 9 €
Further showings: Sat, 12/9 + Sun 12/10, 12:00 noon

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